Pushing the Pony’s boundaries — Django Admin Customization

Ola Sitarska

Monday 5:10 p.m.–5:40 p.m.
Audience level: Novice


Django Admin is what convinced me to give Django a try and it made me realise of a huge power of web frameworks. For the last 5 years I worked on various project, always trying to get the biggest advantage out of Django Admin and push the boundaries of what’s possible to do with it. In this talk I’ll present a case study of things you can or should change in standard Django Admin project.


1) Short introduction 2) Run through available extension libraries and what’s possible in them: - Django Suit - Grappeli - Django Admin Tools 3) Quick run through available Django Admin options. - list_display, list_filter, list_editable, search_fields, ordering, sortable - readonly_fields - raw_id_fields - fieldsets - actions 4) Customizing Django Admin on your own. Let’s create a super custom Django Admin together! The case study of DjangoGirls.org website, that supports a management system for various users who should be able to only manage pages they’re assigned to. - Limiting objects to users - Displaying computed fields in list page - Limiting add/edit forms for different types of users - Automatically saving information per user - Custom actions 5) Summary - Instructions where to look for more information - Improve Admin (code.djangoproject.com, open source wohoo!) - Mention about Django Admin 2

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