Philly Scavenger Hunt

Let's Play a Game!

Embrace Your Inner Philly City-Slickerness!

Please join us for a scavenger hunt that will take you around campus and into the heart of Philadelphia! There will be prizes thanks to sponsorship from The Penn Wharton Budget Model.


Prizes will be awarded during the closing ceremonies on Wednesday, July 20!

The Mission

During your free-time please feel free to play our game

A scavenger hunt through the city, a chance to explore the gems of Philly is our aim.

Tweet your pictures to @djangocon and @wharton as you go down the list

To prove you were there… you get the gist!

We will draw from a hat in the middle of the week

To pick a winner for the prize that will satisfy the inner geek!

  1. Let’s start off simple, right in Huntsman Hall: get a picture on the grand staircase (it’s just the start of it all…)

  2. Get your selfie skills ready and look for the seat that houses Benny Franklin, take your pic with Ben and send out the tweet!

  3. Take a right out of Huntsman, across the bridge - down the walk, there’s a sculpture called “The Covenant” so feel free to gawk!

  4. Cheese and seitan steaks are one of the things for which the city is known, grab one of these sandwiches and take a picture chowing down.

  5. It’s that time to let your nerd flag fly high, SEAS has some of ENIAC, worth capturing the moment before saying “goodbye.”

  6. Located at the Art Museum in Logan Square, is the statue of Rocky along with the stairs. Grab a pic for the hunt but don’t stop now, number 7’s around the back, you’re there anyhow!

  7. There’s a gazebo that sits on the Waterworks site, a different view of the city, that’s pure delight!

  8. Take a left out of Huntsman down Locust Walk, you’ll run into the Penn LOVE statue, an uncrowded version that’s available ‘round the clock.

  9. Not far from Penn’s LOVE statue, is a button that fell, split in half from Benny’s jacket, that’s the story they tell!

  10. Now that we’re coming to the end of this quest, head over to Penn’s BioPond and take a nice deserved rest!

For an extra point, deck yourself out with conference swag, tweet us a pic, to help us brag!

The Details

  • Don't forget to tweet @djangocon & @wharton for the challenges!
  • Stop by the Wharton table throughout the conference to keep us apprised of your progress and to pick up a small token of our appreciation for your game play!
  • The three participants with the three highest number of tweeted completed challenges will take home the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, respectively.
  • In the result of a tie, names will be drawn for fairness!
  • The 1st place prize will ship directly to the winner's address of choice!
  • Winners will be announced Wednesday July 20th near the end of the day!

"...and may the odds be ever in your favor!" -Effie Trinket, The Hunger Games