Opening Reception

We're going bowling!

North Bowl Lounge

Thanks to our sponsors Linode and Sentry, you're invited to a welcome reception on Monday night to meet other conference-goers, play a few rounds of bowling, and have some snacks and drinks on Monday, July 18 from 6:00-9:00 pm at North Bowl Lounge 'n Lanes.

Linode and Sentry are teaming up to provide snacks, beverages with and without booze, and all the bowling you can handle for three hours after the first conference day. Whether you hit a strike every time, or you somehow manage to get your ball in the gutter even with the bumpers, come out and have a fabulous time knocking down some pins with the DjangoCon US folks!


By Uber or Taxi

The destination address is 909 North 2nd Street.

By SEPTA Public Transit ($2.25)

Please see the map. This route takes less than half an hour and involves about 3/4 mile of walking.