Building JSON APIs with Django / Pinax

Brian Rosner

Monday 4:40 p.m.–5:10 p.m.
Audience level: Intermediate or Advanced


The requirements of web apps we build today has changed drastically. The web browser (and many other front ends) are becoming more promiement in our development. How do we design a backend that can cope with this drastic shift in thinking and tooling.


Javascript is a language we simply cannot ignore. It isn't just Javascript too. Objective-C, Swift and Java are all languages we are finding we need to work with to meet client expectations about a web app.

The role Django (and Python) plays in this new world is becoming a bit more limited. There are plenty of great efforts to get Python running everywhere, but this talk isn't about any of that. This talk is about building the API all of these frontends need to communicate with to drive persistent and business logic.

pinax-api was originally built to serve the needs of a particular client at Eldarion, but later pulled out as its own app. It provides a simple and modern interface to building an API with Django. At its core, pinax-api leverages the JSON:API spec that was built out of Ember.

The talk will cover:

  • what is JSON:API
  • JSON:API in pinax-api
  • API primitives provided by pinax-pai
  • how pinax-api leverages Django to its fullest
  • automatic documentation generation using API Blueprint
  • why not Django REST Framework?

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