Sign Me Up - Choosing & using a registration package for your Django project

Eleanor Stribling

Monday 2:50 p.m.–3:20 p.m.
Audience level: Novice


Ever needed to add registration features to your web app but weren’t sure where to start? This talk will walk novice developers through some of the resources available for selecting registration packages and illustrate, with code from a real project, some common steps and gotchas in django-registration-redux.


Registration steps to use a web app, as well as login and password reset functionality is a common requirement, but where do you begin implementing this in Django? Walking through an actual case study with code examples, novice programmers will learn some tips and tricks for finding and implementing the right framework.

Picking the right solution for your project

There are quite a few registration packages available for Django that simplify implementation to various degrees, but how do you choose one? Sites like this one ( are great resources, but can be overwhelming the first time. This tutorial will walk through some selection criteria, step by step, to help developers decide which frameworks meet the requirements of the project, and where some frameworks might be better than others to accomplish certain objectives.

Working with django-registration-redux

Last year, I embarked on refactoring a command line program I’d originally written for a class project by moving to an object oriented design and using the Django web framework. This part of the talk walks through an actual project using this package, including steps for implementation in the actual code for the case study project, demystifying the interaction among Django’s many files and directories to “wire everything up”, and with a quick walkthough of template customization and testing your app to make sure the feature works.

Note: The project I’ll use for the case study can be viewed here:


Introduction (5 mins)
  • Who am I?
  • Case study: Valeez
Picking the right solution for your project (7 mins)
  • Evaluating options against project requirements (overview)
  • Popular options, strengths and weaknesses
  • Tips for making a selection
  • Why I chose django-registration-redux
Working with django-registration-redux (15 mins)
  • Overview of how the package works with Django’s file structure
  • Walkthrough of how to install the package in your app
  • Common pitfalls (focus on import order, URLs files)
  • Wiring up your app and checking it works
Q and A (3 mins)

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