Last-Minute Hotel Reminder

Last minute hotel availability!

The Sheraton has made more rooms available for our block, and has also extended our booking window through July 8! This means that there are rooms for you to book, and you have two extra days to make your reservation. We still need room nights here, so if you are partial to the Sheraton, this is your place! However, they absolutely cannot extend past this date because of the incoming DNCC guests, so if you want to stay at the Sheraton, book now!

The Homewood has also extended our group booking window through July 11, and has also added rooms! We need room nights here as well, so if you are a Hilton properties frequent guest, this is your hotel! Homewood cannot extend the booking window any further as they also need to accommodate the DNCC—so book now!

Both hotels offer the special rate of $199/night, and include wifi and other perks in the room rate. Both hotels are a short walk from Huntsman Hall, so you’ll be as close as you can be to all the fun! Book your hotel today!