Thank You Caktus Group!

Thanks again to Caktus Group for sponsoring this year as a Gold level sponsor! We truly appreciate your sponsorship and contributions to the community at large!

Caktus Group regularly contributes back to the open source community with well-documented code, blog posts, and a dedicated event space that has hosted over 48 community events in the past six months. They also give back to the greater community with social justice and humanitarian projects deployed in the U.S. and abroad. Their work to support democratic access in the U.S. and in Libya and to help Syrian refugees has been featured in The Atlantic, Time, Wired, and the Stanford Innovation Review.

To learn more about Caktus’ approach to application development, see Lightweight Django (O’Reilly), co-written by their Technical Director Mark Lavin and the white paper, “Shipping Faster: Django Team Improvements”.

For more on Caktus Group , you can visit our Sponsor page or visit their webpage directly!