Early Bird Ticket Warning

Attention Djangonauts!

Our early bird ticket sale is about to end. The final day you will be able to purchase early bird tickets for DjangoCon US 2016 will be Tuesday, May 31st.

Last year we sold out two weeks before our early bird sale was over. This year we increased our venue capacity and we would love to sell out again at our early bird rate!

If you wonder why you should buy a ticket for DjangoCon?

  • We have 46 great talks and a more diverse list of speakers than previous years.
  • We have 6 great tutorials lead by well known experts.
  • 40% talks by women speakers.
  • This year our individual and corporate tickets are $200 cheaper than previous years.
  • Our venue is at Huntsman Hall at the University of Pennsylvania’s campus in the heart of The Wharton School of Business in Philly.
  • You get to hang out with 400 other awesome Djangonauts!

Tickets have been selling fast since announcing our conference schedule. If you want to be part of the early bird crowd, don’t wait any longer. Buy your tickets before June 1st. Registration information is available on our registration page.

We hope to see you in Philly this July!